Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crash course in multi-tasking

So it is apparent here that no one has a specific duty. Everyone shares duties equally to the best of they're abilities. The facility at Hospital Adventiste has few resources but even less red tape to get through like you would with the US healthcare system. This results in exceptional efficiency. If only there were enough specialists to cover the diverse injuries and sick patients that come through their doors.

The most revealing part about spending a day here is the fact that the earthquake is not the primary source of injury. Haitians are plagued with a host of illnesses which for the most part are left untreated. Follow-up care is few and far between and infection is multiplied by poor infrastructure and lack of resources.

This morning we teamed up with the LEAP Plastics group from Madigan Military Hospital in Fort Lewis, WA. It's interesting how the dynamic changes once you are among a new team of specialists. However, it is impressive how two groups of specialists can form a cohesive unit despite a unique dynamic. The team worked incredibly hard to get a young woman through the ER to repair a critical leg injury. The surgery was a success, but the reality is there will be no follow up care. It is a story echoed all too often.

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