Saturday, May 15, 2010

Leaving but never forgetting

It seems like we just arrived to Port Au Prince and today we are leaving. Although it is usually time to pack, the team is still doing surgeries. If they were to stay an extra hour, they would be doing more. The need will always be there. From the minute we arrived and sometimes throughout the night. It goes without saying that we will miss all of the wonderful volunteers and staff here at Hospital Adventiste. One week is not enough time to stay and it feels like we should be here much longer. We would all like to thank Loma Linda University and Scott Nelson, MD, Southwest Washington Medical Center for their generous donation of medical supplies and especially to all my friends for donating whatever you can. This has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for all of us in every way.

Stay tuned for more photos and posts in the next few days as there are tons to sort through. This is only the beginning of what will be a lasting bond with Haiti. We will never forget you and the struggles you have been through. Our hearts are with you forever and we hope to return soon.


  1. Matt, Scott Nelson sent me the link to your blog. I would like to direct visitors to your site as well if that is OK with you. Please send me your contact info to

  2. Matt, Thanks for the wonderful photographs, it was a trip I will never forget