Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An on-the-ground report from Cassie

Our anesthesiologist Cassie Gabriel just submitted a detailed synopsis of her and the team's experience at Hopital Adventiste on Haitibones.org which you can read here.

Cassie's role was unique for several reasons. At times, she was the only anesthesiologist available at Adventiste and she had the daunting task of sorting through several boxes of supplies, some of which had not been organized. She also had the added pressure of administering the component that would allow the surgeons to perform their jobs. And she did it all with a cool and experienced precision, worthy of a mountain of praise.

For those interested, she offers a few recommendations for future groups:

  • We felt well taken care of staying at the hospital in the volunteer quarters-running water, clean drinking water, one delicious meal per day, air-conditioned break room with Wi-Fi, ready access to patients in need!

  • Including the Haitian hospital staff/volunteers allows for better continuity of care when you leave. Pick out one or two and teach them (and learn from them). They are there always and our flying in and out with all our individual styles and preferences is challenging for the most patient workers.

  • Enjoy the atmosphere of beautiful people working together to heal Haiti one patient at a time.

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