Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Smile Behind the Lens: Portrait of a Photographer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Knowing the photographer that is responsible for capturing the amazing moments shared on this blog, I feel completely confident in assuming that he would tell you being here to take these photos is worth a million words...

Any task here at Hospital Adventiste is a challenge. People flood the hallways early in the morning in hopes of seeing a doctor at some point in the day. Volunteer staff from all over the world, including local Haitians, zip through the hospital halls, busy operating rooms and crowded patient corridors, in hopes of finding supplies that will get the job done to the best of their abilities with the limited resources available. To capture these quick moments on film is a completely different type of challenge, but one of equal importance. With the daily increase in patient population translator availability is decreasing and it is easy to get lost in patient care without ever truly knowing the patient. At the end of the day, you find volunteer staff from all specialties and clinics set up through out the hospital congregating in the volunteer lounge. As we share stories with eachother of miraculous success, we often find that Matt has captured that moment of triumph in a still image that sums up our stories more than our own words. To be present in the moment of helping someone is an incredible feeling, but it is all to easy to miss the eye contact made or the hope that spreads across a patients face as you reassure them they are getting better. Thank you Matt, for capturing these life changing experiences and presenting our family, our friends and all the volunteers with a picture book that will last a life time. You have gone above and beyond not only as photographer, but as team mate and a friend.


  1. Way to go Shelby on your first article as a photojournalist. Look out have competition! We are thinking of you! Jen

  2. Matt, I would love to see all your photos. How can I make that happen?! It was so good to meet you and Shelby! Hope you are adjusting better than I am back to the USA.