Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Song for Haiti

Every so often we meet individuals who define compassion. They're selflessness and dedication to the care of others makes our usual worries of the day seem petty. And we cannot help but be inspired. One such person is our translator at Hopital Adventiste named Bermann Alexis. His life story is extraordinary. Like many Haitians at just 33 years old, he has experienced so much adversity, including losing both his parents to illness while still in his twenties. Despite all he's been through he has dedicated his life to helping others and to his passion of performing Christian music to patients. And his dream is to bring his talent to the US

During my visit I had an opportunity to record Bermann performing a couple of his songs which you can watch below. His hope is that by sharing this video, it will inspire someone to provide him the opportunity to play for patients here in the US.

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