Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank You KCI!

KCI Wound V.A.C.s next a patient's bed as their wounds are treated
A young man winces from his painful wound while Dr. Gabriel checks the Wound V.A.C. machine
Here in the United States, we take many things for granted. Most of us have immediate access to our most basic needs and beyond at all times. When ill, we have the advantage of consulting physicians who initiate a plan of care, follow up on this care and see us through, until hopefully we are well again. Supplies needed for surgeries and follow-up care are readily available at hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide in large amounts.
When we arrived at Hospital Adventiste in Haiti it became blatantly obvious that people are continuing to suffer from neglected injuries brought on by the horrific earthquake four months prior. We saw many malnourished children with non-healing wounds who were more than likely nutritionally compromised prior to the earthquake. The combination of neglect, lack of readily available supplies and minimal access to food and water for our patients can be discouraging. As healthcare providers traveling internationally to devastated areas, we can only hope that medical supply companies will stand by our side and assist in providing aid to the impoverished world through generous donations of supplies.
With the help of KCI Wound V.A.C. therapy, many of our grateful patients have been given a chance to rebuild their lives in spite of the physical obstacles surrounding them. With NWPT (Negative Wound Pressure Therapy) available at the hospital we are seeing wounds heal and avoiding amputations. Length of inpatient stays are decreasing due to the acceleration of the healing process with the assistance of the Wound V.A.C.. Children who were left orphaned by the earthquake are being given hope through healing. Through hard work they are gaining back the mobility they would have otherwise been deprived of, were it not for the incredible technology of KCI. In anticipation of our arrival, 10 additional V.A.C. systems were sent to the hospital in Haiti and ready to be placed on patiently waiting earthquake victims.
Thank you to Anthony Tate, Lydia Galarza and the reps at KCI for providing the patients and volunteers with continued support through donation. In order to rebuild a country you must begin with its people. As we help heal patients, we help heal a nation.

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