Tuesday, December 28, 2010

haitibones.org: It's Not Too Late...

to donate to the Hopital Adventiste Ortho Project and still claim a deduction on your 2010 Income Tax Return! We're all bombarded with pleas for financial assistance this time of year but I cannot think of a purer philanthropic endeavor as 100% of your tax-deductable donation will go directly to patient care...no administrative fees whatsoever. In addition, I've never met anyone who can stretch a buck further than Scott or the Dietrichs.

Some of the more pressing needs are as follows:
  • Travel expenses for OEC tech to recalibrate C-arm damaged during power fluctuations - ($1,000)
  • Funding for Vieja (Dominican OR nurse, worth her weight in gold) to return for 4 1-week reorganization stints - ($3,000)
  • Set of reusable, heavy-duty cloth surgical gowns - ($5000)
  • Doubling of inverter capacity to protect electronics against power fluctuations - ($6,000)
  • Funding for Ortho Technician training program - ($10,000)
  • Funding for Haitian anesthesiologist to commit to at least 2 full days a week - ($1,000/month)
  • Second OEC 9600 C-arm as this would enable the team to perform simultaneous cases that require imaging as well as serve as a backup - ($50,000)
  • Renovating the Operating Theatre (creating additional room, enlarging existing rooms - ($100,000)
  • Indigent patient fund (presently care is free but in order for the hospital to survive, this policy will be forced to change sooner rather than later) - ($$$$$)
If you're inclined to contribute, simply click here and under the Comments section write "HAH Ortho" and/or any other specific instructions you desire.

Thanks for the continued support of your thoughts and prayers. Not only are your fiscal contributions greatly appreciated, but there exists an ongoing critical need for short-term volunteers, especially surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses. Feel free to contact Terry and Jeannie directly at tj.dietrich99@gmail.com for more information.

Full post available at haitibones.org

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the donation link and to the Gabriel's and Team for their sacrificial efforts on behalf of this project over the past few months. Not only have you all contributed financially but the gift of your personal time to volunteer on several occasions has been exemplary. Best of the Holiday Season to you all. jdm